This Williamsburg loft greets visitors in the same way Karina does—with open arms.  At once expansive (by New York standards) and intimate, the space accommodates large dinner parties and cozy conversations.

Karina shares the space with her lifelong friend, Lena. Their laid-back aesthetic features memorabilia from years of friendship, whether gathered when their paths crisscrossed, or during time apart. 

Views of the Williamsburg Bridge and the Empire State Building are swoon-worthy.  Inside, travel souvenirs blend with childhood mementoes for a relaxed backdrop to vintage furniture. The overall vibe of this eclectic space echoes the waterfront neighborhood—anyone is welcome here.

Closer Look: An Interview with Karina


Q: In ten words or less, how would you finish the sentence “Home is…”?

A: Home is where my mom sends the Easter basket!


Q: Please pick seven objects, places or viewpoints in your apartment that really make it home for you.

A:        1—The collection of Easter animals.  My mom really does send me an Easter basket every year!

            2—The painting of Lena and me is a definite favorite.  It is painted against the backdrop of Columbia University where we both studied.

            3—An old license plate on the windowsill is from my home state of Arkansas and also my lucky number!

            4—The bangle tree holds bright bangles collected during my summer in India. 

            5—I love my travel books.  From this home base I can see all the places I’ve been and where I want to go.

            6—The kitchen represents all the parts of my home here in New York—community, friends and food.

            7—Oh!  And I love my cowboy boots!


Q: If you had to furnish your home using only one store, but the budget was limitless, what store would it be?

A: The market in Jaipur, India


Q: At which public place do you feel most at home in the city?

A: The Williamsburg Bridge


Q: Is there a celebrity, dead or alive (or even a character in a movie) whose personal style you especially love?

A: Frieda Kahlo


Q: Besides where you live now, what city could automatically feel like home to you?

A: Barcelona


Q: Is there an aesthetic from another country that especially resonates with you?

A: Mosaics from Morocco

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