Passengers riding the elevated train in East Harlem are likely unaware of the oasis they pass each day.  Jaq's open, airy studio on the top floor of a warehouse is level with the tracks, but so much calm and tranquility fill the space that one hardly notices the passing trains. 

White walls and caramel-colored floors--with dog to match--are comforting and warm.  Throughout the studio, collections of precious objects soothe and inspire. 

It is a perfect space for Jaq to practice her exacting art.  Using various sizes of a leaf-like shapes, she meticulously cuts mesmerizing patterns into large sheets of white paper.  It is a form of meditation and a way to bring sacred alchemy and spiritual geometry to paper. 

 A simple kitchen and cozy seating area invite relaxation in the midst of work. Though in such an idyllic space, the two are really one and the same.

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