Maureen’s home is a haven for family and guests alike.  Split across two cozy apartments, each space is filled with treasures and art collections gathered through decades of hosting, traveling, creating and learning.

The doors to each apartment are opened wide to welcome in Jamaica’s sunshine and breeze, as well as any visitor currently staying with the family.  Views toward the bay are framed by bougainvillea and outdoor gardens.

Momentos and souvenirs from her daughters’ travels, studies and accomplishments line the walls and make the space feel homey and personal.  With unique design accents and plenty of flourish, the home reflects a life well-loved.

Closer Look: An Interview with Maureen

QIn ten words or less, how would you finish the sentence “Home is…”?

AHome is where I feel relaxed.


QPlease pick seven objects, places or viewpoints in your apartment that really make it home for you.


1 — The plants, whether outdoors or in.

2 — Mesh on the windows to keep out the creepy crawlers! (Side comment from one daughter: "She's deathly afraid of lizards!")

3 — Glass windows to let in the light.  In the past, it used to be darker because shutters outside gave the building a uniform look.

4 — Books, especially the books about birds and plants.

5 — The bird feeder.  I've been bird watching for 25 years now.  I joined a bird club and we meet together to go on expeditions, so the bird feeder brings all those birds here.

6 —  I love the artwork from my daughter Bianca and design ideas from my daughter Bethany.

7 — The mug collection is also great.  Lots of people have given me mugs from their travels, but now the collecting is over because I have nowhere else to put them!  (Hint, hint: Don't send me any mugs!)

Additional commentary from daughter Beth: "The house is really reflective of our travels.  The lights are from Istanbul, artwork on the walls is from Paris and Bolivia, the lamp is from New York, our painted names are from Spain and Pennsylvania, the placemats are from South Africa, the little bowls are from Madagascar, and the little side tables from India and Panama!


Q: If you had to furnish your home using only one store, but the budget was limitless, which would it be? 

A: Ethan Allen.  I say that because the dining table came from there!


Q: At which public place do you feel most at home in the city?

A: At the hospital where I've worked for many years.


Q: Is there a celebrity, dead or alive — or even a character in a show/movie whose personal style you especially love?

A: I can't really think of a celebrity, but I love the style in the magazines Architectural Digest or Kuya, which means "look here" in Patois.


Q: Besides where you live now, what city could automatically feel like home to you?

A: DC in the United States.  It's a big city, but there's not the feeling of "rush, rush, rush."  It's not too big and there is a diverse population that makes it feel very much like home.

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