Nestled in the hills above Yaounde is a dream world of color and light.  Whimsical is too tepid a description for this place, hallucinatory too strong. Stepping into its hall is like stepping into the mind of an artist.  It is a whole new way of looking at the world.

This little universe is the creation of Ndofoa, one of Cameroon’s most celebrated painters. His magical home is an extension of his canvas.  “When I have some extra paint on the brush, I find a home for it on the walls.  If you come back in six months, you won’t recognize the place.  It is always changing.”

From the childish (a Pokemon poster) to the holy (a gold rendering of the Last Supper) to the inspiring (He who risks nothing, has nothing reads a quote on the door), every square inch exudes Ndofoa’s laidback, creative persona.  High above Cameroon’s capital, these rooms of rainbows celebrate the colorful chaos one finds in the city below.

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